C&W Knowledge Partners With PHD Chambers

The 21st century is called the urban century because for the first time since dawn of civilisation, more people are residing in urban India than in rural areas. The most important problem in all cities has been housing due to sudden and large scale influx of migrants from rural areas to urban areas especially the metropolises and state capitals. Because of Housing shortage in every city almost fifty percent population live in slums. Urban population will grow much faster than rural population and in the next few decades is likely to cross 600 million. By 2050, it is estimated that urban population will constitute nearly half of the total population in India.


Substantial housing shortage continues to emerge in Urban India and a wide gap exists between the demand and supply of housing. Issues continue to persist in land availability and pricing, project approval processes and financing. Given the fact that urbanisation is inevitable, state and central government need to take effective steps to streamline the housing sector to create sufficient housing and urban infrastructure for all.


On this backdrop, PHD Chamber in Knowledge Partnership with Cushman & Wakefield is organising “National Housing Symposium 2014-challenges in creating urban India” on 17th April 2014, 10am at PHD House, New Delhi.