Overall Investments In India Slip by 65% in 2013

Cushman & Wakefield, world’s largest privately held real estate consultancy in its latest report ‘Investment Market beat’ 2013 reveals that India has received a total estimated investment of US$ 1.2 Bn in the real estate sector making it the 10th most invested location in APAC region of which investment in land was the highest at US$ 838 million. The APAC region received a record US$ 487 Billion of investment in the real estate sector. Of the nations surveyed for investments, China (core & emerging) recorded the highest volume of investments of US$ 358 Bn, followed by Japan which recorded investments worth US$ 44.6 Bn in 2013.

According to the report both in India, land received the highest shares of investments followed by Office in 2013. However, both these sectors recorded a significant decline over the previous year. Investment in land suffered a decline of -61% while office saw a decline of -77% in total investments in 2013 over the past year. Hotels recorded approximately US$ 11 million recorded a decline of -87%, albeit on a low base.